Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy For Share Market 2022

Best Stocks To Buy For 2022 In Share Market

Best Stocks To Buy For 2022 In Share Market

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Companies need money to help them grow. They use it for all kinds for things like buying materials to make their products, developing new products, building plants and hiring people to work at their companies. To do this, they often split ownership of their companies into smaller “shares” that they sell to the public. The shares are also called “stock.”

So Why Do People Buy Stock?

Shareholders, as stock buyers are known, hope to buy shares at a low point, hold on to them for a while and finally sell them at a high point. This is one way people make money from stock ownership. Generally, shareholders have an interest in the company’s products or services and its prospects for growth. If your kids are nuts about PS3, they might be interested in knowing that Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) makes that system, and that Sony is a “public” company that is owned by its shareholders.

So when you buy shares of Sony, and its profits go up because lots of people are buying PS3 systems, the value of your shares may also go up. Once again, the forces of supply and demand are at work. Plus, sometimes companies give some of their profits to shareholders with cash payments called dividends – this is the other way to make money from stock ownership. (Sony doesn’t pay dividends at this time.)

And now you must be thinking Which Came First, the Stock or the Stock Market?

Well, geez, I don’t actually know, but I’m guessing there was stock before the stock market got itself organized. Anyhow, the stock market is where shares of stock are bought and sold, called trading. There are stock markets in a number of countries in the world.


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