Top 10 Best Punjabi Youtubers List

Top 10 Best Punjabi Youtuber List

Top 10 Best Punjabi Youtuber List

Punjabi Vlogger

Maninder Singh makes a video on his daily route. He lives in America but his birthplace is from Punjab. He also promotes the positivity of Punjabi Culture. He has 380k Subscriber on his Youtube Channel and 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Mahal Vlogs

Mahal Vlogs make videos from his village Mahlan District Ropar. He makes a video with his son.

Top Punjabi youtubers are achieving success in today’s world and are earning name and fame everywhere. They are true hard worker who have dedicated themselves for years in their field and gained reach over millions of fans. This is the list of Biggest Punjabi Youtubers who are highly popular in 2019 and are winning infinite hearts.

A1 Training Center

He has become famous by making tutorials on how to tie pagg, which is the punjabi sikh symbol. He has now a following of almost 300.000 subscribers on Youtube. True Inspiration!

Jaggie Tv

Jaggie Tv was an unknown youtuber 2 years ago when he opened his youtube channel. However, after some months he started working really very hard on the quality videos and won unlimited numbers of people’s smiles.

Being Sardar

This punjabi youtuber is an amazing comedian who present to the world stories related to the desi punjab. He has now fans on every social platform in Punjab.

Bir Ramgarhia

Bir ramgarhia needs no descriptions. He has been the biggest Punjabi Instagrammer for years and has brought real trends in the sardar community.

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