Top 10 Beautiful Punjabi Girls Images 2021-2022

Top 10 Beautiful Punjabi Girls 2021-2022

Top 10 Beautiful Punjabi Girls 2021-2022

My husband has never said “ I love you” to me in the 25 years of married life.

Some years back I asked him: till today you have never said you love me. That means you don’t love me.

Husband: does saying it mean that you genuinely love your partner?

Me: yes why not?

Husband: there is a guy in my office married around 6 months back. Whenever he calls up his wife or she calls him, he uses words like ‘chinna, sweety, darling and always ends the call with “I love you”. He is always flirting with the other girls in the office and even sometimes goes out for coffee/tea with them. One day I asked him why he was flirting with other girls when he loves his wife so much. He said that saying “ I love you” makes his wife happy and she doesn’t doubt him, so he says it without fail. It is his happy marriage mantra. So saying “I love you” doesn’t guarantee that the person truly loves you and not saying it doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t love you. All these are new fangled things. I find it very filmi and embarassing and can’t say such things. I don’t think simply mouthing such words means that you love your partner.


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