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Top 10 Beautiful Female Punjabi Singers 2022 And 2023 – Beautiful Female Punjabi Singers 2022-2023

Top 10 Beautiful Female Punjabi Singers 2022 And 2023 - Beautiful Female Punjabi Singers 2022-2023

Top 10 Beautiful Female Punjabi Singer – Best Top 10 Female Singers In Punjab In (2020)

Female singers are taking the Punjabi music industry by a storm. Recently, a lot of female singers have ruled the top charts of Punjabi songs and we proudly say that these female singers not just have a mesmerising voice but also have great looks.

Many female Punjabi singers act as models in their own songs and have got a huge fan following. Be it dancing or acting in a video, beautiful female singers of Punjabi industry are no less than superstars.

Nimrat Khaira

The list of beautiful female Punjabi singers is incomplete without the name of Nimrat Khaira. Female Punjabi singer Nimratpal Kaur Khaira has sung various tracks that have been famous in Punjab.

Songs = SP de Rank Wargi, Dubai Wale Shaikh, Didar and so on.

Sunanda Sharma

‘Patakha’ of Punjabi music industry, Sunanda Sharma has also made it to the list of beautiful female singers of Punjab. Be it her dance or her singing, no one can beat her in her trait.’

Songs = Patake, Billi Akh are some of her best tracks, that have made Punjab fall in love with her.

Jasmine Sandlas

When we talk about beautiful female singers of Punjabi industry, one name that we can’t skip from the list is Jasmine Sandlas. She has a perfect mixture of desi voice and videsi style. Beautiful Jasmine not only voiced Punjabi hit songs but have also sung many superhit Bollywood numbers. With her Kadak voice, she has sung many beautiful Punjabi tracks. like ‘Chal

Songs = Chal Jindua, Bamb Jatt, Laddu, etc.

Afsana Khan – Afsana Khan is also one of the top female singers in Punjab. He has also sung his song with Sidhu moose wala. The name of the song is Dhakka. After this Afsana Khan was born in Punjab. And now many Punjabi male singers are singing with Afsana Khan.

Anmol Gagan Mann

‘Beauty at its best’- this statement defines the beautiful voice of female Punjabi singer Anmol Gagan Mann. Apart from being a beautiful singer of the industry, she has also won Miss Mohali Punjaban at Miss World Punjaban.

Punjabi songs = Royal Jatti, Kundi Muchh, Ghaint Purpose & more.

Gurlez Akhtar -The number one thing we are going to talk about in the list of this post is the name of the female singer. Gurlez Akhtar. She is still the top female singer in Punjab. Their only job is to sing with Punjabi Mail Singers. Their voice is very melodious.

Songs –

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja is an another beautiful female singer of Punjabi industry, who has contributed a lot in the industry. She has also lent her voice in Bollywood track as well. Miss Pooja always hit the records with her beautiful voice and win the heart of her listeners. She has sung mixed songs be it romantic, sad or dancing number. ‘Dimaag

Songs = Dimaag khraab, Pasand, Mere Do Nain, etc.

Jenny Johal

Another female singer that adds to the list of beautiful Punjabi singers is Jenny Johal, who has given numerous best tracks. Along with the singing, she also delivers her best acting in her video.

Songs = Yaari Jatti Di, ‘Rakaan’, ‘Dowein Nain’.

Kaur B

Another name that comes in the list of beautiful female Punjabi singers is Kaur B. Cute looking Punjabi girl Kaur B has been blessed with an amazing voice. Beautiful Punjabi singer Kaur B is a dream of every boy, her smile and her eyes are just ‘att’.

Punjabi Songs by Kaur B = Paranda, Teri wait, Phulkari and so on.

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