Shikhar Dhawan Divorce News 2021 And Wife Ayesha Mukherjee Photos

Shikhar Dhawan Divorce News 2021 And Wife Ayesha Mukherjee Photos

Shikhar Dhawan Divorce News 2021 And Wife Ayesha Mukherjee Photos

So many women that I work with either fear the loss of friendships or are experiencing loss of relationships while going through a divorce or after a divorce.

Have you?

If you have, I just want you to know that it’s NORMAL…..
Do not think or feel you are alone going through this or there is something wrong with you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and sometimes things and people fall away from your life because they no longer align with who you are.

1️⃣Many relationships break down because they were based on you being a couple

2️⃣Many friendships breakdown because they feel awkward and uncomfortable with the circumstances and think they have to pick sides

3️⃣Many relationships die off because they were not that solid to begin with

4️⃣Many friendships break because there might be a judgment on the concept of divorce itself

5️⃣Many relationships end because you both have outgrown each other genuinely

There are many reasons for relationships changing and breaking down. It’s best to not judge the people rather accept it’s a normal part of change and growth.

Once you get this, then you allow for….

♥️New relationships to enter into your life

♥️New friendships to blossom

♥️Older relationships to be even deeper

♥️New communities and tribes to show up

♥️A deeper relationship with yourself

If you are wanting to get in touch with yourself, re establish a relationship with yourself and be a part of a new tribe and community with step by step guidance from me then dm me ‘family’ and book a Vision Call ☎️ to see if you are a fit to work 1:1 with me

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