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Punjabi Married Bhabi Beautiful Photos 2020

Punjabi Married Bhabi Beautiful Photos 2020

What’s the hardest truth of life?

1. A beard or a muscular body doesn’t make you a man, your decisions and choices do.

2. People who enter into relationships in their early 20s are either super wise or stupid. I hope you know who you are.

3. Smoking, drinking or doing drugs in college DOESN’T make you look cool. Same applies for girls too.

4. Your success will determine whether you’ll have memories with friends or regrets with friends.

5. You entered into a relationship or you just broke up, your priorities are never to be compromised.

6. It’s okay to lose people but losing yourself isn’t.

7. If physical appearance is the first thing you want in your partner, you’re about to fcuk up.

8. Money and health are more valuable things than you think they are.

9. Your parents are the only people who want to see you do better than themselves.

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