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Indian Mallu Aunty Beautiful Photos

What were your expectations about your spouse, and what did you get?

My Expectation was not lot like others have so I had simple expectations about my spouse as like picture but we are not married but still we are in relation and also had bed with her many times so marriage is not a problem to us but we were to do marriage due to lockdown we couldn’t so pray for us to get married soon.

What is the most inappropriate thing you did with your spouse?

1I have been with my husband for a long time. When we started dating we were both young. I wasn’t ready for something serious but he put his heart and soul into this relationship. I was 19, stupid and young. I broke up with him on his 21st birthday. It was bad. I was stupid, inconsiderate and disrespectful. He didn’t deserve that.
When I think about that day, I wish I had waited a week or so because it’s not a cool thing to do, especially when they’re celebrating something special. I’m glad things changed, we got back, and now married with a kid :).

My sincere advice to anyone who care: Don’t ever break up randomly. Don’t ever end the relationship on the night of something big. It’s ok to end a relationship but you have to make sure it’s the right time. Don’t make stupid moves like me.

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