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Hindustani Bhau Real Name, Biography, Bio, Wife, Whatsapp Number, Wallpaper, Caste And Hd Pictures

Hindustani Bhau Real Name, Biography, Bio, Wife, Whatsapp Number, Wallpaper, Caste And Hd Pictures

Hindustani Bhau Real Name, Biography, Bio, Family, Wife, Whatsapp Number, Youtube, Wallpaper, Height, Caste And Hd Pictures

Hindustani Bhau Full Name – Vikas Jayaram Phatak

Hindustani Bhau Nickname – Bablu

Hindustani Bhau Profession – YouTuber

Famous For – As Hindustani Bhau and YouTuber

Hindustani Bhau Biography – Hindustani Bhau Personal Life Information

Hindustani Bhau Date of Birth – 7th August

Hindustani Bhau Birthplace – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hindustani Bhau Hometown – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hindustani Bhau Nationality – Indian

Hindustani Bhau Sun Sign – Leo

Hindustani Bhau Religion – Hindu Maratha

Hindustani Bhau  Instagram Page – https://www.instagram.com/hindustanibhau/

Vikas Phatak lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with his family. He loves his family and stays close with all the household members. He lives with his dad and mom and wife. He has a son named Aditya Phatak. He had faced monetary troubles in childhood due to the fact his father was the jobless due to any cause when he used to be in seventh class.

Hindustani Bhau whose real identify is Vikas two Jayaram Phatak is today’s popular YouTuber in India. He makes YouTube movies having abusive content. He makes movies on wrangling of India and Pakistan in Munna Bhai style.

He makes use of slang words in his videos, but people like and revel in his videos very much. His outstanding dialog is “Nikal la*de! Pahli fursat se nikal”. His aim to shoot this kind of videos is that he wants to supply a reply to these humans who abuse to India. Currently, he has 450k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Married Life

Hindustani Bhau is married and he has one son also. He lives with his family including his mother and father. He loves his family. His outlook is violent but he is a very emotional person

Facts About Hindustani Bhau

Salman Khan, Manoj Tiwari, and Sanjay Dutt are his Favorite Actors.

Dubai is his Favorite Destination.

Narendra Modi is his Favorite Politician.

Ferrari and Rolls-Royce are his Favorite Cars.

Travelling and Singing are his Favorite Hobbies.

Other than being an Indian YouTuber, he also works as a news reporter at local newspaper in Mumbai named Daksh Police Times.

In the year 2011, he won the award for the “Best Chief Crime Reporter” in Mumbai.

He is a firm believer of Lord Ganesha.

Vikas aka Hindustani Bhau also runs an NGO named “Aditya Yuva Pratishthan” in Mumbai.

He is highly influenced by Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. The reason behind this is Sanjay Dutt’s style and charisma from movie “Vastav”. The movie
inspired him to the level that he started following his style in real life as well.

In December 2013, he started his YouTube journey as a YouTuber with channel named “Hindustani Bhau”. Initially, he used to upload videos in Sanjay
Dutt’s style and went to have more than lakhs followers.

YouTube also rewarded his talent and popularity by giving him “Silver Play Button” in 2019 for having more than one Lakh subscribers on his channel.

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