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Hdfc Bank Whatsapp Number For Banking

Hdfc Bank Whatsapp Number 2020-2021

Hdfc Bank Whatsapp Number 2020-2021

How to begin chatting with us?

Step 1. Register

Register by giving a missed call or sending SMS SUB to 70659 70659 from the same mobile number registered with the bank

Step 2. Begin chatting

Add the number 70659 70659 to your contacts and say “Hi” in the message window

If you are viewing this on a mobile, click here to get started.

You can always opt out of the service by sending SMS UNSUB from your mobile number (same as registered with the bank) to 70659 70659.

Here’s why you’ll love this!

Bank is always ‘Available’ – 24/7 x 365 (even on holidays!)
You don’t have to be a customer with HDFC Bank. We can still be friends.
It is seriously secure! (End to end encryption)

Things to do

Currently HDFC Bank lets you get the following things done.
You can click on each section for more detais

We will continue to add more and more services for your convenience.

Your account/s:

Check the balance in your account –
“What’s my account balance?”
Get a mini statement of your account –
“Show me a mini statement”
Ask for your complete account statement –
“Send me my latest account statement”
Everything cheque related –
“I want a new chequebook” / “I want to stop a cheque payment” / “What is the status of my cheque payment?”
Your card:
Check the outstanding balance on your credit card –
“What’s the remaining balance on my credit card?”
Get previous statements –
“Send me my card statement for February”
Get to know your accumulated Reward Points –
“How many Reward Points do I have?”
Get to know the available credit limit –
“What is the available limit on my credit card?”

Your Bank:
Get important updates, regulatory messages, payment alerts from the bank. We promise we won’t spam you!

Your Queries:
Ask about all bank related queries –
“What is the IFSC Code for Kamala Mills branch?”
“What documents do I require for a car loan?”

Your offers
Get details for your pre-approved offers –
“What is my pre-approved loan offer”

Your deposits:
Get details of your fixed deposits –
“Show me my FD summary”

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