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Byg Byrd (Brown Boys) Biography, Real Name, Wikipedia, Birthday, Whatsapp Number, Family, Wife, Marriage And More

Byg Byrd (Brown Boys) Biography, Real Name, Wikipedia, Birthday, Whatsapp Number, Family, Wife, Marriage And More

Name – Byg Byrd

Gender – Male

Hometown – Hoshiarpur​

Address / Location – Ontario​

Music Inquiries – +1-647-915-3331

Born – July 5, 1988 (Toronto, Canada)

Star Sign – Cancer

Nationality – Canadian

Byg Byrd Biography, Career, Songs, Family, Lifestyle , Marriage , Girlfriend

Acquainted with Humble Music​, Hommi Pabla, Sidhu Moose Wala, Parry Sarpanch​

Byg Byrd is a well known Music Producer. Byg Byrd famous for contribution in professional life. Byrd was born on Tuesday, July 5, 1988 in Toronto, Canada. Before became famous, Byg Byrd was a student . Let’s check about Byg Byrd Height, Age, Measurements, Biography, Family, Affairs, Wiki & Much More!

Byg Byrd is a Punjabi​ music producer from Hoshiarpur​ in India​. He currently resides in Mississauga​, Ontario​.​Byg Byrd Is Very Hardworking Music Director.Byg Byrd Work With Several Punjabi Singers.

Big Byrd has produced music for several of Sidhu Moose Wala’s songs.​ One of his songs is called “So High”, and has over 60 million views on YouTube​. All of Big Byrd’s songs together have above 100 million views on YouTube.Sidhu Moose Wala all Songs Music By Big Byrd.

Big Byrd is associated with a crew called Brown Boys. Brown Boys is also the crew of artist and rapper Sunnu Malton.

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Byg Byrd Punjabi Biography, Real Name, Wikipedia, Birthday, Career, Songs, Family, Lifestyle, Wife, Marriage ,Girlfriend And More

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