Punjabi Girls

Beautiful Tiktok Punjabi Girls Pics 2020

Beautiful Punjabi Girls Pics 2020

  1. Always carry a book with yourself. (Whenever you get free time, make that time productive)
  2. Stop masturbating. (Girls too)
  3. Moisturize your lips.(Boys too)
  4. Invest in good pair of shoes.
  5. Maintain a limit while laughing and say sorry immediately after you sneeze.(No one is interested in your yellow teeth)
  6. Be a good listener.(the more you listen, the more you learn.)
  7. Open the doors for new people.(Give smile to a stranger but try not to look like a creep)
  8. Remember “No one can hurt you”.
  9. Do Meditation.(Meditation transforms you into a new human)
  10. Respect everyone’s choices.
  11. Groom nicely and smell good by making use of mild fragrance perfume.
  12. Never make fun of someone’s disability whether it’s financial, mental or physical.
  13. Always stay away from flaunting.( It looks Classy when a person has everything to flaunt but chooses not to)
  14. Always be down to earth.
  15. Think twice before promising.(be a man or woman of your words)

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