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Beautiful Instagram Desi Girls Photos 2022

Beautiful Instagram Desi Girls Photos 2022

Beautiful Instagram Desi Girls Photos 2022

What would a married couple suggest to a newly married couple?

Originally Answered: As a married person, what would be your top 3 advice to newly married couples? Why?

Disclaimer : Speaking with an experience of 2 years and 10 months. Skip if u need advice from anyone above the mentioned experience level.

Be open to communication, talk talk and talk about everything under the sun☀️. It helps to open up.

Always be afraid to lose one another, hence you will never hesitate to resolve a fight even if that means you have to take the initiative.

NEVER involve parents unless it’s not something very serious like violence. Because tomorrow u might clear difference and be one again but what u told about your partner to your parents when angry, you can’t take back and that will always stay.

Give respect in abundance take respect equally. Same goes for love.

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