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Beautiful Indian Desi Girls Pics 2021 Download

Beautiful Indian Desi Girls Pics 2021 Download

May I come in, Sir?”……and that’s when something magical happened.

Start of new academic session. Happily reached in class 12th.

So, as was the custom in our school, the 11th section guys and girls used to give farewell to 12th Standard and so we were excited head over heels to meet our new Loving Juniors.

And then She came.

Even though I had never thought how my crush should be, she was perfect. With her dazzling black eyes, the perfectly parted lips, an elegant smile and simplicity at it’s best.

Blushing?….you may say, but my face had turned red. My friends had noticed it and it seems, she too.

And with that innocent smile she said,

“Hello Bhaiya!!”

And that my fellow Quorans is my shortest school love story.😂

With love 🥰,

The Monkey next door.

Whatsapp Number – 947861-6656

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