Baba Labh Singh Chowk Chandigarh Sector 17 On Google Maps

Baba Labh Singh Chowk Chandigarh Sector 17 On Google Maps

Name Of Matka Chowk Changed To Baba Labh Singh Chowk On Google Maps And Uber

The name of the famous Matka Chowk in Chandigarh has been changed on Google Maps and Uber. The new name of the landmark is Baba Labh Singh, after the brave elderly Baba Labh Singh. The change of the name is visible on Google Maps and Uber apps.

If you will search for Chandigarh’s iconic Matka Chowk on Google map, it produces the result of Baba Labh Singh Chowk, named after Nihang Labh Singh who has been sitting there in support of farmers’ protest against farm laws.

It’s been five months that he has been sitting at Matka Chowk in Chandigarh. He has also developed his fan following as commuters often pay visits to him.

Baba Labh Singh has been demanding repeal of farm laws. Matka Chowk has also become a protest site where farmer activists are taking care of the food and other needs of Labh Singh. Also, a small tent has been established for the aged activist.

Google map shows Matka Chowk in Chandigarh as Baba Labh Singh Chowk

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