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2021 Singer Parmish Verma Hd Latest Desktop Wallpaper

2021 Singer Parmish Verma Hd Latest Desktop Wallpaper

Singer Parmish Verma 2020 Hd Wallpapers, Hd Pictures And Images

Name: Parmish Verma

Profession: Actor, Director, Poet, Storyteller

Birth Place: Patiala, Punjab

Father Name: DR. Satish Kumar Verma

Birth Date: 3rd July.

Email address: parmishverma@hotmail.com

Parmish Verma is a fantastic famous actor and music video director. He belongs from district Patiala, Punjab. His father name is DR. Satish Kumar Verma, who is a nationally renowned Punjabi writer and professor of Punjabi at the Punjabi University in Patiala. He has done his schooling from Yadwindra Public School. In the year 2007, Parmish moved to Sydney, Australia as a student. In 2011 he appeared in Punjab Bolda movie amd made his first debut in Punjabi film industry.

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