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2021 Punjabi Tiktok Girls Images, Photos And Whatsapp Numbers

2021 Punjabi Tiktok Girls Images, Photos And Whatsapp Numbers

Best Indian Tiktok Girls Images And Photos 2020

I will never indulge in sexting

I will not lose my virginity before marriage

I will never use Facebook or Instagram (just to up my social media status)

I will never give compromise my academics for anyone in the world. For me, my work comes first and then the rest.

I will never wear contact lenses (I’m little afraid :P)…so spectacles go for me always 🙂

I will never marry a boy shorter to me…. (I am quite tall :P)

I will never purchase an iPhone from my parents’ money. I may purchase one when I start earning (Though, I am an android lover but iPhone remains a craze to buy at some point in life).

I never have and never will give importance to my friends over family.̣l̥

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