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2020- 2021 Punjabi Instagram Girls Photos And Images

2020- 2021 Punjabi Instagram Girls Photos And Images

Desi Indian Instagram Girls Pictures 2020-2021

She lived near my home. I saw her first when I was ten. Her shiny black eyes and her two pigtails highlighted her from the rest of others. I always wanted to talk to her, but I never had the courage to walk up to her.

She used to play badminton everyday, while I used to hide behind the car and try to look at her.

One day, she caught me looking at her. She came up to me and said, “Hey! You can also come and play with us!”

I nodded and started playing with her group. She was very different from others. Even after being hurt herself, she helped her friend first and dropped her at home safely. We soon became best friends, but I could never express my feelings for her. I always thought that she didn’t love me. She wanted me just as a friend.

Our friendship grew stronger day by day. My 16th birthday was approaching. I had decided to tell her about my feelings. But how? What if she rejects me and our friendship gets ruined? What if she loves anybody else? All these thoughts were flooding my mind.

Finally the day had come. I had rehearsed my lines in my head. But my brain was still full of tension.

I saw her coming up to me with a bouquet in her hand. As soon as she came, I had changed my plan. “I will not tell her about my feelings”, my mind had decided.

She wished me a happy birthday, held my hand very tight and took me to a corner.

“What happend, Priyanka?”, I asked.

“I just wanted to confess something”, she replied.

My heart had skipped a beat. Was she going to tell me about her secret boyfriend? What if she considers me to be her brother? My mind was again in trouble.

“I wanted to tell you about this since a long time. I don’t know how you’d react to this but, I love you.”

My mind was blown away. I went completely blank right there.

“I knew it. You don’t love me back, right?”, she asked.

I hugged her really tight to give my reply.

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